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Glitterwolf Magazine is a UK-based literary magazine dedicated to showcasing the work of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender) contributors from around the world. we publish art, photography, poetry and fiction.


What We're Not


When we first launched Call for Submissions for Glitterwolf, we were met with some responses from the online community that suggests that our magazine was discriminatory and 'heterophobic'. This is not our intention; celebration is not the same as prejudice. Many magazines have a uniting them, and in our case it is the sexual orientation of its contributors and not the style of its content. We have no intention to offend or discriminate, merely celebrate the creativity and imagination of people identifying as LGBT.


Publishing Cycle


Glitterwolf publishes three times a year. We employ a rolling submissions policy, with the submission window for each issue closing roughly six weeks before release. See 'Submissions' for more information.


Please direct any queries to











Submissions Window

We are currently accepting submissions for Issues Nine and Ten of Glitterwolf, both of which are themed. More details here.


The Golden Rule

All contributors must identify as belonging to the LGBT spectrum. This is the cornerstone of our publication; all other considerations about content are secondary to this.


What We're Looking For

We consider the following:

  • Poetry (up to 60 lines) - all styles and forms welcome, an happy to accommodate unusual designs or layouts.
  • Short fiction (up to 10,000 words) - all styles and forms welcome, including genre.
  • Art/Photography - all styles and forms welcome

​We welcome diversity, bold choices, imagination and unusual submissions. We read alot of short stories about the cute guy in the corner shop, or the first tentative moment of coming out - these stories can be great, but we read a lot of the same thing. Send us something that will make us sit up and say 'we have to print that'. Additionally, just because our contributors are LGBT, this does not mean that content must also be LGBT related.


How To Submit

Email to

Please include:

Issue Number in subject line

Submission as an attachment (not pdf) including your name

Short 50-word bio in the email/attached


Editorial Policy

Where some magazines will engage in an editing process between acceptance and publication, at Glitterwolf we consider that your work is as you wish it to appear, and will be considered on that basis. Printed works will be as they were submitted. Sometimes things are that simple. After submissions close you will be informed whether your work has been selected for inclusion or has not. We welcome re-submissions of altered drafts, before a deadline or for later issues.



All contributors receive a digital copy of the eBook version of an issue in which they are published. We aim to provide print version to contributors from Is at some point in the future, but are currently financially unable to do so. Some people object to this, and we understand their viewpoint, but unfortunately we have no other options. We would like to underline the fact that we do not operate at a profit from Glitterwolf. There are many excellent magazines that have the following and security to pay, and we entirely understand if you wish to limit your submissions to those excellent options.


The Small Print

When you submit a piece, you are giving Glitterwolf ‘first publication rights’—in other words, the right to publish your piece first. If you are accepted, then the copyright reverts to yourself immediately upon publication. You have the right to republish it anywhere you choose. You also have the right to remove your piece from consideration at any time during the submission period; likewise, we have no problem with multiple submissions to more than one magazine at once, but would kindly request that you inform us if your piece is published elsewhere first.

Most importantly: the work is yours. Glitterwolf do not own any of the copyright for the work that you have created.


If You’ve Read Every Single Word Of This…

Thank you for sticking with us and supporting a small independent publication such as ourselves. We look forward to hearing from you.

We at Glitterwolf would like to announce that we are placing the magazine on hiatus. We're very proud of what we've achieved over our three years of releases, and enormously thankful to those who have bought and read Glitterwolf, and to those who have sent their work to us. We would like to emphasise that we don't intend to end Glitterwolf; we plan to use the time to focus on new projects, and aim to return with new issues in eighteen months time. Thank you for all your support!